Your Start Menu
Your Rules

Don't let your start menu be ugly,
use WinTileR to customize it to your liking today.

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Easy to create your tiles
like 1-2, we skip 3

WinTileR is super easy to use, no complex extra software to get the job done. One interface for everything.

Your games like never before
try to resist

Not only can you Pin your own games with your own appearence, you can also create tiles automatically for your Steam account as well.

Even modern apps are
under your command

WinTileR can also customize the new Windows Modern apps from Store. Easy as 1-2, we skipped 3 again

Wait.. this wasn't everything

You though WinTileR could only do these?
Here is a list with some more features to convince you.

  • Programs

    Pin any software you desire, don't use the small and ugly icons that Windows 10 forces by default.

  • Music

    Pin your favorite Music tracks, or playlists. Your Start menu is your new Music folder.

  • Everything

    Want to pin something else; lets say a document? With the "Special" Everthing mode you can pin literaly everything.

  • Folders

    Want to have your most accessed folders on your Start Menu? You now can, just use our "Special" folder mode.

  • No pop-ups

    Compared to any other app WinTileR is the first not to show annoying windows while opening your Tiles**.

*Support for any Protocol included

**WinTileR plugin package must be installed

Tame your Start Menu Today

Don't just sit there, click the buttons.